What is Apple Products Buy Sell & Trade on Facebook?

Apple Products Buy Sell & Trade was started by Daryl Davis in British Columbia, Canada.
He wanted to have a group on Facebook for people to list their Apple Products where they wouldn't be among other products like car tires, baby swings and used clothing....a community where you could list your Apple and Apple related items as well as find answers and advice from other Apple Group Members.

Why list with Apple Products Buy Sell & Trade?

Well, you certainly don't have to....but listing your Apple Product where people are specifically looking for it, might be a smart decision. Our groups are filled with people looking to buy & sell Apple.

Why not list in regular Facebook Buy & Sell Groups?

In regular Buy & Sell Groups, buyers get lost in Clothing, shoes, car parts and other electronics.You and others want to buy APPLE Devices. Why sort through washer and dryers to buy your Apple Product? Go to the experts.

Is it safe to buy on Facebook Buy & Sell Groups?

Everyone needs to be careful no matter where you buy. Sites like Kijiji and Craigslist are KNOWN as havens for SCAMMERS and THIEVES.We try and reduce the chances of our members getting scammed by BANNING known thieves from Buying or Selling with us. Other sites don't do that.


Our members are FREE to join any group within their country, but our rules state you must ONLY sell in your LOCAL area.
This is to make buying easier. When you shop on your local group, you can EXPECT that the item is close by.
You are allowed to shop on our other groups, but you will have to travel to make a purchase.


Have you ever been shopping on a group, only to be
called names or badgered about your price?
Our admins keep OUR Buy Sell & Trade Groups free of drama.
Find your favorite products, make an offer,
and GET your new favorite product. All drama free*.
START NOW buy choosing your country on the menu at the top
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